Has multiple sclerosis caused you to become fearful, frustrated, or overwhelmed because your walking or mobility isn’t improving?

Dr. Gretchen Hawley's The MSing Link offers a comprehensive guide to taking control of your MS symptoms and improving your mobility through MS-specific exercises and strategies.

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If you’ve tried physical therapy or other exercise programs in the past and they didn’t help, it’s not because of your MS, or your lack of effort.

Those exercises didn’t focus on improving the strength of your neural pathways in addition to your muscles.

Once you learn the correct way to exercise with MS, you’ll finally start seeing improvements in your mobility, energy, and confidence.

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Dr. Gretchen Hawley's action-focused guide offers straightforward steps to take control of your MS symptoms and feel empowered.

MS-related fatigue, weakness, difficulty walking, and poor balance require neuroplasticity exercises, which strengthen neural pathways, not just muscles, and are often overlooked or ignored.

But not this time. This time, you'll see a difference.

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"Finally! A brilliant and most practical book on understanding neuroplasticity and exercise with MS."

"A fount of meaningful information along with guided movements to begin this journey with Dr. Gretchen Hawley. I have been resistant to purposeful exercise due to ... lack of interest. This book changes so much. And I am grateful. Essential reading! Motivating and incredibly important in all of our healing endeavors."

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After reading The MSing Link, you'll have the tools to:

Improve your walking on even and uneven surfaces
Gain leg and core strength
Improve your balance and reduce falls
Reduce fatigue
Modify exercises based on how your MS affects you each day
Manage temperature sensitivity and sensation changes
Feel confident that you can make a change in your mobility
Learn where and how to start exercising with MS

Plus, you'll get 100+ exercise photos to help you learn the best exercises for Multiple Sclerosis so that you can FINALLY start feeling stronger, standing longer, walking better, and tripping less.

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"This a must have book for anyone with mobility issues and multiple sclerosis!"

"You can improve your mobility and function! Through The MSing Link, Dr Gretchen Hawley takes all the guesswork out of the equation. She will equip you with simple and easy-to-follow guidelines for functional movement. These exercises and strategies make healing possible for everyone with multiple sclerosis."

"To live your best life, despite having a Multiple Sclerosis, it takes a multi system approach."

"The most underappreciated disease modifying therapy is exercise. I met Gretchen Halloway during the pandemic when she launched an amazing virtual exercise program. Many of my MS patients have used her program with great success, and I am delighted that she is sharing her powerful information in this text. She is a gem to the MS community and this book will help many families with MS."

"Dr. Gretchen Hawley's steadfast commitment and practical strategies serve as beacons of hope, empowering people with MS to embark on their own journey of recovery."

"Through her many initiatives, she reminds us that exercise and physiotherapy can make a world of difference in the lives of those facing disabilities."

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"This book is full of practical advice for different challenges like spasticity, "drop foot," and urinary problems."

"Dr. Hawley is your go-to MS physical therapist! People at all levels of mobility benefit from her wisdom, enthusiasm, and optimism. Her assertions are backed up by years of experience and scientific studies, and ample pictures show the exercises clearly. Hawley respects the uniqueness of each person with MS and offers solutions for bad days, relapses, and other sticking-points."

"Dr. Gretchen offers a ray of hope to people experiencing MS progression."

"This science-based book is as approachable and as joyful as Dr. Gretchen herself, and will be an invaluable tool for those looking to increase their strength, balance, and mobility. "


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Dr. Gretchen Hawley

Physical therapist and MS-certified specialist

I teach science-backed exercises that simultaneously rebuild and rewire neurological pathways while increasing muscular strength. This dual approach helps you regain mobility, balance, and quality of life without leaving home.