Want my eyes and expertise on your unique situation?

I offer live 1-on-1 services to help you reach your goals and make your day-to-day activities easier.


Available virtually anywhere or in-person in the western NY, NYC, and greater Boston area.

Virtual Consultations

1 hour zoom consultation with Dr. Gretchen

Virtual consultations are available for any of the following topics:

Various ways to improve your strength, balance, flexibility, and walking
Exercise parameters specific to people living with MS
Neuroplasticity & other MS-based research
Common reasons for weakness caused by MS
How to improve your quality of life and independence
 BONUS: get a behind-the-scenes look into The MSing Link, online MS wellness program
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Home Wellness Visits:

Available in western NY, NYC, and greater Boston area

Get help with any of the following topics from the comfort of your own home:

Evaluate your movement & walking
Demonstrate & explain targeted  exercises based on your specific weaknesses and limitations
Give you strategies to manage your worst MS symptoms
Teach techniques to help you best move around your home: transfers from out of bed/chair, walking, stair climbing, etc.
Answer all of your questions
So much more!

Mentor Membership

1:1 coaching for people with MS

Are you ready to feel more confident in your mobility? Ready to know the best exercises to do on a day-to-day basis to improve your strength, balance, stamina, and energy? I'll help you become confident, empowered, and hopeful, regardless of the type of MS you have, while you see real changes in your daily function!

I personalize an exercise program and symptom management strategies that work for you and the goals you're working toward. Then we'll work together for the next several months to tweak and progress your program as you improve.
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Deb L.
Patricia G.
"I enjoyed my 1:1 call with Dr. Gretchen!"

"She gave me a lot of insight and information I hadn't gotten from my own therapy sessions. I've applied and done some of the exercises we discussed and I am happy to say that my walking, balance and back have improved."

Rose G.
"Living in a regional area limits my access to professionals like Dr. Gretchen."

"I am now able to access someone with specific MS knowledge in my home via Dr. Gretchen’s 1:1 calls. Invaluable."

Mary D.
"I’m proud of the progress I’ve made over the past few years working with Dr. Gretchen in her home visits."

“When we first met, I struggled with walking only about 100 consecutive steps and was barely able to stand still for any length of time. I now have the strength and endurance to walk up to 480 consecutive steps before needing to rest. I feel confident when I go shopping or walk into a restaurant or a building for an appointment. I’m also able to do more tasks around the house. I’m gratified by what I’ve been able to accomplish with Dr. Gretchen’s insights into the specifics of my condition and implementing her suggestions and exercises into my daily routine.”

Paige F.
"Gretchen Hawley is an EXCEPTIONAL physical therapist for people with MS."

"Figuring out how to move better—or at all—is my number one challenge, and no one has come close to offering more practical and helpful suggestions than Gretchen during her home visits with me. Gretchen really understands how MS affects movement and how to combat its effects with extremely doable exercises. Gretchen has come to our house monthly for about 6 months now and has added a ton of value with every visit.Her visits also are incredibly efficient and tailored to our needs. We open the door, visit a bit, and then get started, working at a pace that suits us for as long as suits us.Finding Gretchen really was like finding the needle in the haystack. Thank you, Gretchen!!!"